Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

Turn your home into a concert hall

There’s something extraordinary about witnessing a premier performance.  Or suggesting an evening’s musical selections.  Or perhaps even joining the quartet to play for a piece or two.
This is the essence of the 4VSQ Up Close and Personal: being able to book the Four Voices to play where you live.  Intimate concerts — where distance is measured in arms-lengths rather than rows of concert hall seating — are exceedingly rare and wonderful ways to experience music.
So gather friends and capture a thrillingly different musical experience in your own home.

Choose your concert

Engaging 4VSQ is as easy as selecting one of our limited-engagement repertoire sets below, or we’ll work with you to create a concert designed to your wishes.  We can even create “professional bootleg” recordings of the event for something you can enjoy long after the evening is over.

For your own Up Close and Personal concert, choose from one of the options below.


Be swept away on music from Broadway, Hollywood and the Met, guided by composers who conjure sweeping themes to stimulate our imagination and emotion. These musical moments are where music plays a leading role in telling fantastic stories, presented by 4VSQ in a way that will delight and inspire.



Cory Wong has been called one of the most versatile and exciting musicians in the Twin Cities.  As bandleader of the Afro-Peruvian band “Peña,” their 2010 self-titled release was recognized as a world-music “must have” by NPR and National Geographic (and peaked at #4 on the iTunes world music charts).  Our concert showcases music from Cory’s upcoming release Season of Change featuring his compositions for guitar and 4VSQ.


Host an absolutely unique event that will engage all of your senses: a Concert Dinner with Chef Vincent Francoual and 4VSQ. Featuring a musical program carefully selected to pair with each dish, this is an exploration of incredible food and incredible music. The Concert Dinner is a fantastic way to celebrate, creating a personalized event which weaves two crafts into one memorable experience.

Mother Earth presents an exciting synthesis of jazz, classical, and indigenous folk music, featuring a “double quartet” of a jazz quartet and a string quartet, performing innovative compositions and arrangements by Fred Sturm. The music features a world of traditions and cultures, including Appalachia, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Celtic traditions, France, Hungary, India, Japan, Mongolia, Native American traditions, Republic of Congo, Scandinavian traditions, and Tibet. 4VSQ performs with Craig Hara, percussion; Eric Graham, bass;  Mary Louise Knutson, piano; and David Milne, saxophone, winds.
      Listen (live recording)

Create your own

We’ll work with you to design a concert that’s just what your seeking.  Perhaps it’s music around a theme or a time period you love.  Or perhaps it involves having one of our composer colleagues write an original work to celebrate your occasion (and have a personal and priceless memento to remember it with).  However you wish to engage us, our experience as music designers makes it easy to help you create a rare and unforgettable moment.


Contact us today about an Up Close and Personal concert or to hold a particular day.  We’d love to explore the possibilities with you.