Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Music

Here’s what we think about choosing your wedding music…

It’s personal

Some couples come to us with requests choreographed to each moment.  And we’ve had couples who simply want it to be good.  There is no wrong way to do this. Our approach, whatever your style, is to listen to you first.  We the work with you and your dreams in order to create a wedding that’s perfectly tuned to you.

Love it

Choose music because you love it. Because it makes you feel a certain way. Because it carries good memories. Because someone you love loves it. Because the words are fantastic and come to mind when you hear it.  A song you love — rather than a song that sounds like it should be in a wedding — is going to make the day particularly special.

Start here

A lullaby sung by your dad — the song playing when the two of you first met — hymns or spirituals with special meaning — folk songs or ethnic songs from your family history — songs with an instrument you used to play — your parent’s first dance — you just love the lyrics — it makes you cry every time — it makes you dance every time — you play this song more than any other — it’s in a movie you love — you’ve heard Canon in D for your dream wedding ever since you first staged it with Bear and friends at age 7.

How do you want to feel?

What’s the emotion of the wedding?  Does it start out tender or with a fanfare?  Is the service contemplative and quiet, or are you thrilled an bubbling with joy?  Thinking about how you feel (and want your wedding to feel) is a great place to start.