Listen and Imagine

Music design for you

People hire event designers, floral designers and travel agents to put together the perfect wedding package.  But they often forget a critical component:  music design.  Working with 4VSQ, you have complete (and free) access to our music designer to help you sort through thousands of options as we craft the perfect soundtrack for your wedding.  We start by listening to what you desire, and can assist in your selections, helping you figure out what goes best where.  Our goal in music design is to create a wedding that is seamless in music and well-coordinated with your style.

Theme Weddings

We’ve gathered pieces and designed ceremonies to spur your imagination.  Listen a little.  Does one piece make you catch your breath for a moment?  Which mood relaxes or invigorates you?  Do you love one entire program? Maybe you’re inclined to mix and match.  This section is a good starting point for exploration.

We can, of course, assist you with many additional music options. If you already have ideas, let’s talk.

Click a Theme on the left to listen and explore.