Studio Recording

Studio Recording

Professional, proven and pure

The members of the 4VSQ record extensively as a quartet and individually, including well-reviewed works with Minnesota Orchestra, Minnesota Opera and even Disney’s Original Cast Recording of  “The Lion King.”  Two of 4VSQ’s CDs are top-selling albums on the Lifescapes label, selling over 500,000 copies.

We believe there’s a good reason why we have success in the studio.  First, we play together a lot.  Local and national artists — spanning genres from classical to hip hop — come to us for our tight, unified sound as a quartet and flexibility and artistry as musicians.  The result is pure string tracks, whether striking or haunting or beautifully lush.

Second, with an in-demand producer in our group, we know our way around the studio and how to lay down the best sound.  And, as the clock is always ticking, our experience with gear, editing and mixing gives us an edge when it comes to being efficient and effective.


Selected discography by members of 4VSQ


  • The Minnesota Orchestra, The Beethoven Symphonies
  • The Minnesota Orchestra, Sibelius Symphonies No. 2 and No. 5
  • Carol Barnett, Cyprus, First Impressions
  • Plymouth Music Series/VocalEssence, Witness: Volumes II and III 
  • IRIS Chamber Orchestra, Hartke: Clarinet Concerto/Rose of the Winds/Pacific Rim
  • New World Symphony, Tuck and Roll: The Music of Steven Mackey
  • Lifescapes, A Time For Us: Romantic Strings (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Classical Music for Baby (produced by Rebecca Arons for Parents Magazine)
  • Lifescapes, Sophisticated Classical (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Bedtime with Brahms (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Amazing Grace: Classic Hymns (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes: Mozart’s Violin (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes: Mozart’s NIght Music (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Ave Maria: Hymns (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Starry Night (produced by Rebecca Arons)

New Age

  • Kevin Kern, Endless Blue Sky
  • Kevin Kern, In the Enchanted Garden
  • Lifescapes, Relax and Unwind (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Classical Spa (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Steven C., Gratitude

Film Scores and Broadway

  • The Confession of Lee Harvey Oswald – independent film score
  • Electoral Dysfunction – documentary film score (Adi Yeshaya, arranger)
  • Stay – 20th Century Fox film score
  • Shiny and New CD –  Jonathan Rayson
  • Lion King Original Cast Recording – Disney

Solo Artists, recordings and broadcasts (jazz, latin, country, alternative, pop, hip hop)

  • Prince, Purple Rain - simulcast recording
  • Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion – live on National Public Radio and recordings
  • Mariah Carey, Good Morning America - live ABC broadcast
  • The New Standards, The Current Presents the New Standards and Friends Holiday Show (live album)
  • Dixie Chicks – tour video backdrop
  • Honeydogs, Aubben
  • Dessa, Live at the Fitzgerald Theater - Minnesota Public Radio broadcast
  • Regis Philbin, Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral 
  • Michael Johnson, Moonlit Déjà Vu
  • Garbage, Beautiful Garbage
  • Prudence Johnson, Moon Country
  • Becky Schlegel, Why Maybe
  • Lifescapes, Spanish Cafe (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Havanna Nights (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Mangia! Italian Dinner Night (produced by Rebecca Arons)


  • Steven C., Christmas
  • Lifescapes, Classical Christmas String Quartet (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Relaxing Christmas String Quartet (produced by Rebecca Arons)
  • Lifescapes, Christmas Hymns (produced by Rebecca Arons)

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