Find the perfect package for you

We’ve made it easy to know what you get with 4VSQ.  We have three different wedding packages, designed to fit a variety of wedding styles.  We have a Wedding Music Registry as a gift idea.  We can also assist if you’d like to have piece of music written just for your wedding.

And, for a limited time, we’re offering discounts on our most popular wedding packages. Contact us to get the complete package and price overview.



Up to 60 minutes

For a Fanfare ceremony, imagine knee length dresses, 1-2 attendants, a short 10 – 15 minute ceremony, often outdoors, typically no readings, one musical interlude, often presided over by a Justice of the Peace.

This package works beautifully for a small number of ceremonies.  However, less than 5% of the weddings we play come in under 60 minutes.  In a wedding, we plan for the unexpected.  Delays can come from passing rain, powerful winds, traffic snarls, late arrivals, or a reluctant ring bearer.  Ceremony start times seem to have a mind of their own!  It’s important to us that we have planned enough time to comfortably and professionally play your wedding.

For a 60 minute package a typical breakdown of time would be: 10-15 minutes prelude, 5 minute processional, 15 minute service, 5 minute recessional, 10 minute postlude, and 10 minutes for a safety buffer.  Music is chosen from our existing repertoire.


Up to 95 minutes

Gala weddings generally have 3-6 attendants, sometimes flower girls and ring bearers, seating of multiple family member groupings, 2-3 readings, a special message from the minister or officiant and a unity ceremony.  Frequently the venues (churches, historic buildings, country clubs) have beautiful acoustics for string quartet music.

This is an excellent package.  You receive 50% more music, plus the option of choosing one specially requested piece outside of our repertoire that we will acquire and arrange, all for $240 more than our basic package.

The ninety minutes are used in different ways for different weddings.  Often we will rehearse with a soloist prior to the ceremony  There is ample time to set the mood by providing 20 or 30 minutes of prelude music.  During the service we can accompany the congregation on hymns, collaborate with soloists, perform special music selections and play during a unity cememony.  Greet your guests during jubuliant postlude music.  If your reception is at the same location, the music can continue for the cocktail hour.


Up to 135 minutes

This package suits a wedding with a full mass, a longer ceremony with many unique extras, or a ceremony and reception at the same location with music moving seamlessly into a cocktail hour.

There is ample time to set the mood for your ceremony with 20 – 30 minutes of prelude music.  Add the majestic sounds of the trumpet for the bridal entrance or an exquisite soprano for a solo piece.  You can choose two specially requested pieces outside of our repertoire to be acquired, arranged and rehearsed.  All of the musical services in the Gala package are included as well.  Music flows immediately into your reception.  Your guests will be wonderfully surprised and entertained by music by the Beatles, Coldplay, U2, Lady Gaga, waltzes, tangos, Broadway favorites as well as Vivaldi and Mozart.