Good to Know

While we know weddings incredibly well, we don’t (yet) know you. And the real key to a great wedding is that it reflects you and your dreams for the day.  Our first task at Four Voices is to understand you and what you like, and we put a lot of energy into getting this right.  You likely have some questions for us.   Below are some questions we often receive from clients like you.


How do we pick music for our ceremony?

We’ll help.  Music design is our forté.  By phone or email, we guide you to choosing music that reflects your personal style.  Right now,  you can get a head start by going to our Listen and Imagine page to hear some Theme Weddings for inspiration.  You’ll hear us play and get some ideas for your own wedding.  Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Music is another page to visit to get your ideas cooking.

Want to hear more?   Watch live performance videos on our About page.  Contact us about our “Listen and Download” link to over 70 selections.  Or we can send you our wedding Sampler CD with over 30 traditional favorites and unique selections.

A repertoire list is available on request.

Can I make requests or have custom music?

We love requests.  We can take any song (yes, any) and create a string version for your wedding.  Reba, U2, The Stones, we’ve done it all.

Most pieces are quite easy to “drag and drop” from a piano score to a quartet and have it sound great.  A few require a little more attention and a special arrangement might be needed to make your piece shine.  We figure this out for you.

As an extra, we also work with composers who can write a one of a kind composition for your day.  It’s The Ultimate Gift.  If you wish, we can also make an in-studio recording, a great keepsake to play any time you want, and maybe incorporate in your wedding video.

What parts of the ceremony are you typically involved in?

As a general guide, we begin by playing 20 – 30 minutes of prelude music while your guests are seated to help set the mood, and then play the processional, special music, recessional, and 10-15 minutes of postlude music while your guests are leaving.

We can also be engaged to play other parts of your day, such as during the receiving line, cocktail hour or during the reception.

Do you play for cocktails or a reception?

This is one of our favorite parts of playing….music to make a room sparkle, for people to kick back and enjoy themselves.  Imagine seeing a traditional string quartet ready and in formation but instead of Vivaldi or Mozart, we begin to play Journey, Beatles, Lady Gaga and Coldplay.  We love to bring this element of  surprise and excitement to your reception.

After we’ve gotten to know you and your wedding style, we can decide specific pieces to play, choose a mood to follow, or just read the room and let the party happen.

Can you provide other instrumentalists or singers for my wedding?

Yes, we can.  We know many of the best musicians to hire — we have some personal favorites —  if you want a special touch to enhance the sound of string quartet.  Click the tab “Artistic Partners” on our About page for a partial list.  We can offer referrals or take care of the whole hiring and coordination.

Will you accompany my friends and family?

Yes.  We love to create a personal touch.  If you have a family member or friend you would like us to accompany, we’re happy to work with them.

Is it necessary for you to come to the rehearsal?

It is not usually necessary.  Experience has made us experts in timing.  We consult with you before the wedding day to set cues that coordinate the music with the parts of your ceremony.

I’m curious about other weddings you’ve played. Can you give me an idea what this all really looks like when done?

Where’s 4VSQ? – Weddings has real weddings, with real choices by real people.

How can we see you play?

Watch a few of our Videos.  Go to our Contact page and request to be put on our mailing list for upcoming events.

What kind of packages are available?

We have three Package descriptions with options and add-on items to fit to your wedding ceremony or reception.  As individual and unique as most weddings are, ceremonies typically have one thing in common;  from when the music starts to when the music ends, they are generally between 60 and 90 minutes.

Can we register for 4VSQ as a wedding gift?

What a great idea!  It’s a great way to get all the music you want without bending the budget.   Tell your friends and family to contact us and we’ll apply their gifts to your account.  It’s that easy.

Looking for other gift ideas?  Consider The Ultimate Gift:  an original piece of music, composed just for you, performed on your wedding day.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, we do play outdoors.   We require a tent (a 10 x 10 canopy is suitable) or to be in a spot with significant shade and protected from water.  Direct sunlight on our instruments can easily cause the varnish to soften and permanently damage the instrument.  Rain or mist of any kind will also prevent us from performing.  In the spring and fall we suggest you have a heated enclosed space.  If the the temperature falls below 65°, we will need to move inside.

Will you travel to locations outside of the Twin Cities?

The quartet is available to travel.  We regularly travel Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin for weddings and receptions, and have played more distant destinations as well.  Please contact us about travel fees for distances over 30 miles from downtown Minneapolis.

I’d like to book 4VSQ for my wedding. How do I have you hold a date?

Please call or Contact us with details, and our manager will be in touch. The date is confirmed and held for seven days until the contract is signed and returned with the deposit.