About Us

About Us

Musicians will tell you that you don’t get to this level of playing without a little work. You also don’t get to this place — with this kind of resumé — without a lot of joy.

From its beginning two decades ago, the Four Voices String Quartet has exemplified a passion for chamber music with a desire to expand the breadth of what it means to be a quartet. With serious classical training at our roots, the four of us — Laurie Petruconis (violin), Allison Jones (violin), Susan Janda (viola) and Rebecca Arons (cello) — also branch out and frequently cross genres as performers and recording artists. You will see us in many venues, from the stages at Orchestra Hall and the jazz club, the opera pit and the wedding ceremony, polishing tracks at the studio or giving the room a different glow at a special company event. We are always looking to try new things, which is why 4VSQ has become a traditional quartet that is often anything but.

And all of this brings us back to the idea of joy.

Joy is why Four Voices String Quartet does what it does: the joy of making good music and the joy of sharing it. It’s also what we hope to leave with you. So do call us or email if you have questions for us or want to know more, and visit Where’s 4VSQ? from the main menu to see what we’ve been up to. We look forward to connecting with you.



It’s sometimes hard to know what you’re going to get when you engage a string quartet, so let us help. Here’s a brief collective resumé of the Four Voices String Quartet:


  • All Core musicians of Minnesota Opera Orchestra including concertmaster and principal.
  • Regular performers with Minnesota OrchestraSaint Paul Chamber Orchestra and national touring shows at Orpheum, State, Ordway, Target Center, Xcel Energy Center venues.
  • List of those we have played for (and in the case of Regis and Lionsgate, worked with) include: Regis Philbin; Lionsgate; Martha Stewart; Charles, 9th Earl Spencer; Tiffany’s; Macy’s; Laura Bush; Mercedez-Benz; Neiman Marcus; and General Mills.
  • Record and perform with artists, from Pavarotti to Prince, running from classical to new age, alternative and hip hop.
  • Ongoing collaboration with diverse artists, including the U.S. Premiere of Mother Earth by Fred Sturm for String Quartet and Jazz Quartet.
  • Deep production background, with over 20 albums produced.
  • Heard live on National Public Radio89.3 The Current99.5 Minnesota Public Radio91.1 The Avenue.
  • Voted Best of Bride and The Knot over ten times.
  • Two decades playing together as 4VSQ, all full-time professional musicians who are performers, recording artists, arrangers, producers and teachers.

A few of our clients


  • Children’s Theater Company
  • Minnesota Opera — 50th Anniversary Gala
  • Minnesota Orchestra — Symphony Ball
  • The New Standards
  • Regional Orchestral Players Association (R.O.P.A.) — National Convention
  • Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra — Opening Night Gala; Annual Holiday Music
  • STRINGenius


  • AIG Annuity and AIG Valic
  • American Family Insurance
  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Capella University
  • Crystal Cruises
  • General Mills
  • Health Partners
  • Macy’s — Martha Stewart; Charles, 9th Earl Spencer
  • Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, LLP
  • Mercedez-Benz
  • Meshbesher and Spence Lawyers
  • Minnesota Trade Office, Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association
  • Motion International
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Republican National Convention, Laura Bush honoree
  • Saint Paul Area Trade and Labor Assembly
  • Securian Financial
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • University of Minnesota Libraries
  • Whitebox Advisors



You guys are such great players, and a treat to work with. The sound you get from your instrument(s) is poetic. So awesome to have players as good as you guys on my project! Also, thanks so much for being willing to work hard to get all the tunes done in a time crunch.

–  Cory Wong, guitarist and composer

One of string quartet music’s brightest lights in the Twin Cities, the Four Voices brings fresh and abundant energy to classical and contemporary string quartet compositions.

— Laurie Patton, Producer

Baby Blue Arts Minnesota

After having heard you yesterday, there is no need for a CD. I am well aware of your excellence. My dream is to have a party when some French friends come over here for a visit with a string quartet adding the magic and elegance to make a worthy reception for my friends…I will continue to savor the lingering euphoria your music created.


Your quartet has wonderful balance and obvious chemistry.
Your quartet is truly amazing and made the reception a wonderful event!  I heard from  my colleagues that attendees continued to talk about it throughout the conference.

— B. Mattson, International Trade Representative, MN Trade Office, D.E.E.D.

Midwest U.S. – Japan Association

You guys were so beautiful, I must play with you.  It would be absolutely divine.  And I have never used that word before.  But it would be divine.
— Jennifer Grimm, vocalist



Artistic Partners

It makes our job even more enjoyable to join forces with these talented professionals.  We’ve cultivated creative relationships with these artists, and we work together to create something different and special.


Cory Wong, guitarist, composer

Cory Wong



Jennifer Grimm, vocalist

Jennifer Grimm


Robert Dorer, trumpet

Minnesota Orchestra


Seth Keeton, baritone

Naxos Recording Artist



Laura Caviani, jazz pianist, composer




Adi Yeshaya, composer, arranger, pianist

Adi Yeshaya




Read more about our creative partners.  Visit Where’s 4VSQ?  Click on “Partners” in the sidebar.